Places of Religious, Historical & Archeological Importance

  1. Adhaura : It is situated at a height of 2000 feet from the sea level on Kaimur plateau at a Distance of 58 Kms from Bhabua. Hills and surrounding forest make it an ideal tourist spot.
  2. Baidyanath :Baidyanath Village is situated at 9 kms south of Ramgarh block headquarters. A Shiva temple built by the late Pratihar dynasty is located here. Coins and valuables of historical importance have been unearthed here.
  3. Bhabua :Bhabua is the headquarters of Kaimur district. This municipal town lies 14 Km south of G. T. Road connected by a road to be reached from Bhabua Road Railway station on Grand Chord Railway line.
  4. Bhagwanpur : Bhagwanpur is situated 11 Km south of Bhabua near the Kaimur hills. It is said to have been the seat of power of Kumar Chandrasen Saran Singh, who claimed his descent from Paras. It was confiscated by Sher Shah from Raja Shaliwahan but later restored to his successor during the reign of Akbar.
  5. Chainpur : Situated 11 Km west of Bhabua headquarters it is credited with a great mausoleum of Bakhtiar Khan, who is said to have married the daughter of Sher Shah. The fort at Chainpur is a structure of Suri or Akbar period. The Hindu shrine of “Harsu Brahm” is famous in the locality. It is said that Kanyalkubya priest of Raja Shaliwahan, named Harshu Pandey, ended his life in protest against demolition of his house but during his cremation was seen standing at the cremation site at Varanasi.
  6. Chorghatia : Chorghatia village in Adhaura block is an excellent beauty spot with a waterfall amidst beautiful scenery.
  7. Durauli : Durauli village situated 8 Km North -East of Ramgarh contains two old temples built by the Cheros.
  8. Ramgarh : Ramgarh village in the Bhagwanpur block in Bhabua Subdivision contains the famous Mundeshwari temple, built on a hilltop at a height of about 600 feet. Inscriptions of archeological importance found here describe the temple to be old enough to have been built around the year 635 A.D.